Creative Writing Prompts: Use Them!

Photo by Flickr user Chris Halderman

Photo by Flickr user Chris Halderman

Our creative side is amazing, when it works. Some days you might be inundated with ideas and have no problem translating their flow onto the page, other days, it’s not so easy. Unfortunately, we often run into bouts of dryness that threaten to kick us off course and drown our motivation in tears of frustration. Luckily, if this is where you feel you’re headed, you’ve come to the right place!

For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of a creative writing prompt, allow me to explain. The general idea of a writing prompt is that it is a word or words, phrase, question, idea or the like that provides a platform from which you can sew the seeds of your creativity. For instance, I might give you the prompt “Tell me what you did this summer.” In turn, you could write about what you did this summer, what you wanted to do this summer, what you would have hated doing this summer, what someone else might do that summer, or even what the word summer actually means to you.

The fantastic thing about a creative writing prompt is that they come with no limits. Their purpose is not to bound you to the topic in which they appear, but to help you open your mind in whatever creative direction it wants to move. You don’t have to talk about summer at all. If you’re so inclined and the prompt leads you there, you can write about the time Joe Jackson, a man who lives on a fictional street, got into a tussle with a neighbor who had just allowed his dog to poo all over his front walkway. I don’t care what you use the prompts for, but when you’re looking for that inspiration, USE THEM!

Here is a list of a few of a few fun prompts to get you moving. If you find them helpful, check back with The Write Subject in the future for more! If you just can’t wait, Google “creative writing prompts” and you will be immediately rewarded!

1. She’d been waiting for the phone call all day.

2. Use these words in your next story: Ambivalence, Creepy, Beach, Plane.

3. Describe the last thought you had before bed, last Tuesday.

4. Write from the point of view of a death row inmate who is waiting away the final moments of his life.

5. Form a story around the cliche “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

6. Write a love story that takes place in a bathroom.

7. Write about someone you can’t stand, in a loving way.

8. Create a story around these three themes: Hunger, Education and Ignorance. Use the words Hotel, Rambunctious, Dalmatian and Ticklish.

9. Person, Place and Thing: The paper boy, a local sewage treatment plant, a powerful electromagnet.

10. Follow a series of “pay-it-forward” gestures throughout a day, week, month, or year.

I hope these few are enough to get you back on track and keep you there for some time! Now that you’re knowledgeable on the subject of creative writing prompts, there should be one less excuse for pumping out those incredible works of fiction.

Write on Writers!

Have any of these prompts inspired you to write something you’d like to share? Have any prompts that you love? Drop me an email or comment and I’ll feature it here! Help me inspire!


2 responses to “Creative Writing Prompts: Use Them!

  1. I like to consider myself a creative thinker. I hate boring topics and I like using my head to think outside the box. For me my creative outlets are always forms or writing or taking pictures or videos, it’s something that I just like to do but there is always those times when I just get stuck and need a little jump start to catalyst my thinking so writing prompts without a doubt help. This is definitely a good post and something I do agree with and have actually used in the past

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