Ahh, I’m just trying to write a novel!

Well folks, this is just a little experiment I’m doing for my blogging class. I’ve been tasked with writing a live blogging post, and since there really is no live blogging situation that quite fits into my blogs field of view, I thought I would try something a little different. I asked myself, “what in my own writing could be broken down into time stamped segments?”, and then I walked away and played with the cat, or something like that. Eureka, there’s my answer.

Actually sitting down and writing is often a very difficult task for me. Having a pretty serious case of ADHD, I constantly lose sight of what I’m doing and find myself following every whim that crosses my thoughts. So, I thought it might be interesting to catalog a few hours of my writing in this time stamped fashion, and give you a little insight into my torturous process. When I stop, why I stop, and how long I stop for. This may or may not interest you, and I understand that. But, it’s something that I have to do, and I’ll ask you to give me a pass this time! Here goes…

3:16Pm  4/18/2014

Time to write! Just sat down at my computer. Opened up Scrivener. Opened up Spotify and put on the radio station Ambient Chillout. Oops, forgot my coffee.

3:17Pm  4/18/2014

Alright, now I’ve got my coffee! Sip, sip sip.

3:18Pm  4/18/2014

This radio station sucks. I can’t continue until I find one with little to no speaking in it.

3:26Pm  4/18/2014

I found the perfect station, some kind of smooth jazz stuff. I can smell Red Baron mini pizzas from here.

3:34Pm  4/18/2014

Pizza is in the toaster oven. I’m searching Netflix for a short tv show episode to watch until my food is cooked and I’m done eating. Can’t very well write anything and eat pizza at the same time, sticky keys are bad juju. Cigarette.

3:46Pm  4/18/2014

God, I love Red Baron mini pizzas…and Archer. I love to watch Archer and eat mini pizzas.

4:09Pm  4/18/2014

Alright, cleaned up, Archer’s over, had a cigarette, time to get down to business. I’m sifting through my notes in Scrivener. They are pretty scatter-brained. Going to try and put them in some sort of coherent way.

4:31Pm  4/18/2014

Notes are organized! While reading through them again I had an epiphany! Timothy’s mother can’t die in a car wreck, that’s boring and doesn’t serve my plot at all! Cigarette.

4:32Pm  4/18/2014

Damn cat won’t stop rubbing up against my door.

4:35Pm  4/18/2014

I let the cat in, now my leg is covered in cat hair. I can see it floating in front of my face.

4:45Pm 4/18/2014

New pair of pants are on. Ambient Chillout station is on. Stomach is filled. Cat hair is eradicated. AND I just wrote the first sentence of the day…and it sucks…..delete delete delete.

4:46Pm  4/18/2014

Staring blankly at the screen.

5:24Pm  4/18/2014

Still staring blankly at the screen, still. Ding, text message. Sorry brother, I’m too busy, hard at work writing.

5:35Pm  4/18/2014

Another few sentences written, but it’s so nice out. Maybe a good walk will help.

1:13Am 4/19/2014

Going to bed. I’ll write tomorrow.


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