The Challenge: Single Sentence Saga’s

Photo by Flickr User steve.garner32

Photo by Flickr User steve.garner32

Weightless plumes of future sickness dance menacingly in front of me; stinging my eyes, they mock my mortality.

The Single Sentence Saga

Alright friends, I come to you today with a challenge. We’re going to play what I’ve decided to dub Single Sentence Saga. This is a challenge you can do by yourself, but I recommend having at least one friend to swap sagas with, for the positive feedback.

The challenge is simple; there are three basic rules:

  1. Every day for a month, write a story in a single sentence.
  2. It must be something that you have done that day.
  3. You must share it!

Now where you go from there is up to you. You can choose to write about any single event of the day, no matter how big or small. I personally love taking the most mundane events and making them sound as interesting as I possibly can. For example, here is one I wrote recently:

They lay across the tracks, weak and indistinct, boxing each other playfully as the warm April sun watches over.

Photo by Flickr user Graeme Douglas

Photo by Flickr user Graeme Douglas

I happened upon this particular story while waiting for the train on my way to class. I was looking out at the track and saw the shadows of the couple a few feet away from me. They were play fighting each other and I watched as their shadows mimicked their movements. Simple and beautiful when expressed well.

It’s up to you if you want to share with anybody exactly what you were going for. I like to think that most of mine are just clever enough to make someone think, but their root is by no means unachievable.

I love a good challenge, and while on the surface this seems easy, for many of you, life will catch up fast and you’ll find yourself neglecting the challenge. This is where the third rule comes in. I want you to force yourself to be accountable. Share your stories on Facebook or Twitter or text them to a friend or family member.

The good people will help you be accountable. They’ll bug you to produce more, provide lots of feedback and when they love something, you’ll know it. All too often we forget to look for the feedback from our peers because we’re waiting to finish a short story or novel, before we share it. These Single Sentence Sagas allow us to get near immediate feedback. The writers ability to form a coherent narrative is crucial to the telling of any good story, and this short form of narrative can quickly shed light on basic structure mistakes we might be making.

Keep track of your sentences. I keep all mine in a word document, and post to Twitter and Facebook and a few other places. #SSS When you’re done, you’ll have a month of amazing work to be proud of. If you make it through the month, and enjoyed the process and the final product, try it for longer!

Write on Writers!

Please feel free to share any or all of your Single Sentence Saga in the comments section below! I’d love to hear what is going on in your lives! I’d also really love to see the final result, so if you’ve completed a month and have something you’re proud of, send it to me, I’ll share it with everyone!


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